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The final method is to mail your application to the secretary using a separate form and cheque for each tournament.Please make all cheques payable to ‘WLTCC - Croquet Section’. If an event is over-subscribed then entrants can be put on a reserve list. There will be one game of Doubles each morning, followed by two Singles games. Players may enter as pairs for the doubles event but note the manager will decide pairings for individuals entering, making best efforts to maintain combined handicaps no less than 0.Hormazd's reform was to link the popular and official observance dates to form continual six-day feasts.Nawruz was an exception: the first and the sixth days of the month were celebrated as different occasions. 6 Frawardin became Greater Nawruz, a day of special festivity.

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The five additional days were inserted after the twelfth month.These five days were named Gatha or Gah days, after the ancient Avesta hymns of the same name.In 224 CE, when the Babylonian calendar was replaced by the Zoroastrian, 1 Frawardin and the New Year celebration of Nawruz had drifted to 1 October.In 539 BCE, Persia's rulers conquered Babylon, and soon afterwards – at least by the 4th century BCE – adopted the Babylonian luni-solar calendar for civil purposes.This kept in step with the seasons, unlike the religious calendar which consisted of 12 months each containing 30 days, adjusted at that time by the addition of 5 epagomenal days at the end of the year to bring the total up to 365.

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