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Also like Star Wars (and unusually for a chick flick), the project has generated its very own rumour mill and spoiler culture, creating a sense of trepidation among its huge following. The good news, then, is that SATC: The Movie replicates everything that’s great about the TV show, in particular its breathless flitting between relationship realities and romantic wish-fulfilment.

There are the laugh-out-loud moments (a randy dog, a touch of the turistas, and sushi as a sex aid), the bawdy sex romps (surprisingly Samantha doesn’t get the raunchiest scene) and the fashionista wet dreams (Mr. But the skill of the writing and performances allows these elements to co-exist alongside a moving portrait of the pangs of love and friendship.

These women are no longer interested in finding the latest nightspot, and the film makes comic use of the shift in priorities: one of the girls’ trademark let’s-all-talk-about-sex brunches is given a new spin by the presence of Charlotte’s adopted daughter, the dialogue exploring a childish euphemism to the full.

Speaking in October 2016, Sarah Jessica Parker had said: "There is always a possibility, definitely.

I don't know whether it's a series or the movie.

In many respects, Sex And The City has more in common with an old-school George Cukor “woman’s picture” than, say, The Devil Wears Prada or 27 Dresses, interweaving female centric tales of fidelity, heartbreak and forgiveness rather than relying on mad-dash-for-the-airport antics.

What it misses, though, is Cukor’s grace as a storyteller.

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