One year dating ideas

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For milestone anniversaries: Hire a personal chef to turn your home into a fancy restaurant.You can relax and kick back with a cocktail and some (long overdue) conversation while the chef does the work for you.Keepsake: Print out your own menus to commemorate your evening.Or write cards or love letters to each other to read over dinner.

For extra fun: Invite your best man and maid of honor to join you. For milestones: Reserve a private room at a nice restaurant so you can laugh and celebrate as loudly as you please with your loved ones.(Honestly, we never get tired of this idea.) For extra fun: Plan the evening on your own and surprise your loved one with the trip down memory lane—from start to finish.For milestones: Recreate a recreation…or your honeymoon…or choose a memorable weekend and relive the whole thing. Climb in the car, pick a direction, and drive till you see something interesting.The date: Each anniversary, pick a different country or cuisine you’re curious about.Do a little online research and find a local, family-owned place that serves food from that area.

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