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is a city in Oswego County, New York, United States. Oswego is located on Lake Ontario in north-central New York and promotes itself as "The Port City of Central New York". The city of Oswego is bordered by the towns of Oswego, Minetto, and Scriba to the west, south, and east, respectively, and by Lake Ontario to the north.

Oswego Speedway is a nationally known automobile racing facility.

The State University of New York at Oswego is located just outside the city on the lake.

This broke the record of the Blizzard of 1966, which blanketed the city with 102" of snow.

Costumed interpreters recreate the lives of the officers, men, and civilians who garrisoned the fort in 1868–1869.

During the Second World War, the new fort was used as a "Safe Haven" (most importantly see Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter, and also Safe Haven Museum).

During the American Revolution, the British abandoned the Fort, and in 1778, American troops destroyed it. During WWII the Fort was used to house interned persons, mainly Jewish refugees (see the next section, "Safe Haven").

In 1782, the British reoccupied Fort Ontario, and didn't forfeit it to the U. until 1796, thirteen years after the cessation of hostilities in the Revolution. In 1946, the Fort was transferred to the state of New York.

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