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It has been known that copper was used by several ancient civilizations for a number of reasons.

It was the first metal ever used by ancient man, dating back more than 10,000 years.

Ancient – Analysis of a 2,000-year-old papyri fragments reveals ancient Egyptians were familiar with advanced ink technology.

Using X-ray microscopy have demonstrated that black ink used by Egyptian scribes also contained copper – an element previously not identified in ancient ink.

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Ancient Egyptians considered copper to be a sacred metal and they believed it gave magical powers to those who wore it, but the discovery of ancient Egyptian ink is surprising.

Until recently, it was assumed that the ink used for writing was primarily carbon-based at least until the fourth and fifth centuries AD.

The studied papyri fragments all form part of larger manuscripts belonging to the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection at the University of Copenhagen, more specifically from two primary sources: the private papers of an Egyptian soldier named Horus, who was stationed at a military camp in Pathyris, and from the Tebtunis temple library, which is the only surviving large-scale institutional library from ancient Egypt.

“None of the four inks studied here was completely identical, and there can even be variations within a single papyrus fragment, suggesting that the composition of ink produced at the same location could vary a great deal.

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