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Bij zo'n plaatselijke vereniging kunt u gemakkelijk in kontakt komen met andere vogelliefhebbers en deelnemen aan de activiteiten.

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But dirty yoga mats can carry the highly contagious virus, which can cause cold sores around the mouth, an expert has warned.

Dr David Greuner, managing director and co-founder of NYC Surgical Associates, is urging people to clean down their mats after using them.'Bacteria, viruses, and germs love the hot, humid, and sweaty environments that exist in yoga studios,' he said in a blog post.

They say you should always try before you buy, and for many women it’s no different when looking for make-up.

But using make-up testers in stores is probably not a good idea, a microbiologist has warned, because of the risk of herpes and salmonella.

While this can live harmlessly on the skin, there are concerns that shared make-up could transmit a less friendly version – methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, the deadly superbug MRSA.

It is a delicate virus and dies quickly when away from the skin where the sore is.'In 2015, scientists at the World Health Organisation made the first ever estimate of the global prevalence of herpes.Evidence shows that outside of the body, the virus dies after just a few seconds.It lasts for a little longer in moist environments.The first ever effective genital herpes vaccine has succeeded in pre-clinical trials, Mail Online reported in January.The three-dose injection, administered over six months, was deemed the most promising formula ever created to target HSV2, the strain that causes infectious genital warts.

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