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Okay, and for me too I’m thinking this will help in a major way when we can’t decide what we want to do and neither of us wants to make the decision.Hence the reason I talked about my indecisiveness up there in the beginning. Those are the first set of questions that go through my head. It’s a horrible combination when each time I over think something my ADD kicks in and it leads me on a different path. Back to the point of this post, Allen and I opted for new clothes and weekend trips this year for V-Day.Well, in the midst of searching for those I came across this cute idea for “Date Night In A Jar.” I tweaked it just a little and created this “Date Night In A Jar” for Allen.

I'm just enjoying it."As for all those Instagram Lives and social media posts that may feature a few pretty ladies, another source assures fans that it's just Tarek loving his relationship status."Everything you see on social media is Tarek just having fun and enjoying his new single bachelor lifestyle," our insider shared.

BUT, I thought, why don’t I do something creative and inexpensive for him so that he can have something on Valentine’s day.

He’s going fishing this weekend and I’m going to Blissdom next weekend.

So while a glass of water may only cost him a peck, the salad will add 2 bear hugs to his tab, and the lasagna entrée will set him back 5 passionate kisses. You can use our menu for a yummy lasagna dinner, or use the blank menu to customize it with your honey’s favorite meal (or whatever you were already planning on cookin’.) See? At the end of the meal, you’ll be presenting your spouse with their bill to claim what they owe you.

Just check off the appropriate boxes in the included check and let them know that tipping is strongly encouraged!

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