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If we then round everything off, we see we’re at 31 players in this year’s first round.

That’s one too many, so somebody is going to get unfairly cut along the way.

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Arguably, it's the motivation for everything you do in life — to be worthy of love. That means local offices staffed by warm, experienced, real people — not algorithms. Humans are complex, but it has worked for thousands of people like you.

Our events run like this: In one night you will sit down for 25 three-minute dates with other singles. Three minutes CAN'T be enough time to know if you like someone you must be saying.

But it really is long enough to know if you would like to continue that conversation, and get to know that person a little better.

Certainly your chances improve if you put yourself in the company of others who also care enough about their happiness to admit “their way” isn’t working and invest in their future relationship success. If you are a mature, accomplished, single person seeking a lasting relationship.

And you can get yourself into the company of others with the same goal, you will not be single for long.

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