101 dating rules

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So if you have 4 European shots (25ml) that’s 100ml, 100g; 100×0.4×7 = 280k Cal. Alcohol isn’t part of your three macro targets, but it is going to count towards the daily calorie balance which needs to be maintained, so reduce your carb and fat intake accordingly. In all but one of the above examples, calories will be underestimated.You’ll see that they range from least to most accurate top down, with the last barely being a counting simplification at all.You’re likely to eat the same cuts of meat again and again so it won’t matter because you’ll be following the ‘consistency rule’.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Most generic spirits will be 40% alcohol with no other macro content.You take the amount you drink, multiply by the alcohol content, then multiply by the calories per gram of alcohol.For those bulking, liquid food like this or fruit juices can be your friend.

For those on a deadline – magazine shoot, competition, etc.

Here’s why: Fat is slow to gain but can be quickly burned off.

Muscle takes a lot of effort to gain, but can easily be lost if there is an excess calorie deficit, inadequate training intensity, or inadequate protein intake. We know we’re a little inaccurate, but we’re in the right range and we’re being consistent.

Pro tip: The trade-off to drinking our food is that it is less satisfying, more easily digested, and we get hungry quicker than if it were eating regular food.

Casein protein is the most filling type of protein powder due to the slow rate of absorption.

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